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Harmonee. 18 years I have been dancing for the stars. I am an Assassin who occasionally guts Templars. I am Dauntless walking the Blood Red Road. I am a Starter fighting the Ender for my rights. I lack a Fear gene that has been replaced by the desire to find my true self. My heart is for Elyon. I am a book thief, reading the forbidden words. I stepped off the Tardis long ago, still I wait for my Doctor. And Death is narrating my story.. "Jesus has given me eternal life in Him. Let them take my life here, but God holds me in the palm of His hand and no one can take Him from me."


Hey everyone! I know that I don’t usually post personal things on my blog, but this is incredibly important. The girl pictured above is the daughter of my dad’s best friend. She went missing in Oklahoma earlier this week. The police and her family fear that it was an abduction and fear the worst for her. Her name is Anne Hill, but goes by Annie Jo, as stated in the flyer. If anyone has seen her in the past couple of days or sees her at all, please contact any of the numbers that are posted above. This is very important and I promised that I would do all that I can to make sure that she gets brought home safely. Please, please help this poor family out. They’re completely shattered by the loss of such a precious person. Thank you guys so much!


when you’re at a family gathering and family members you dont know very well try to kiss you


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Not really. I mean, not really in the way of pranks. We’re all just really silly and goofy. We all pull faces. The girls and I, when the heels start hurting, we all cupcake. We just drop into a squat and skirts go [poof], and we all look like ridiculous little cupcakes all lined up. But yeah, everybody’s really lovely. - Adelaide Kane






There’s a book sitting in front of you.

In it contains all the bad things people have said about you behind your back, would you open it? 

Hell fucking yeah

Read it so you can find out what people really have to say about you and how you can change your character to be a better person.

read it so you know what order to murder people in

two kinds of people

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